Some Christians presume that God will always work mightily through them because they have expereinced God’s power at one time or another. They do not have an understanding of God’s requirement. The requirement of an intimate, surrendered walk with Him; for we can do nothing by ourselves.

 A Biblical example of presumption is found in Judges 16-17.

Samson was a man used of God. The Spirit of the Lord came upon him in a mighty way and made him physically strong. Judges 14:6, 15:4. But Samson’s lust for prostitutes rather than pleasing God led to his fall. He took the anointing for granted.

Are you taking God’s anointing on your life for granted? Doing so may have grave consequences.

Samson sinned against God and slept with prostitutes. He presumed that God’s blessings were still upon his life and that he could do what ever he wanted to. When God’s touch left Samson, he did not notice it right away. He was blinded by sin and deceived by his enemies. To his surprise, when he set out to use the anointed strength that God had given him he found that it was no longer there. When he ignored the Lord the anointing lessoned because of his continued disobedience. He was taken captive by his enemies. Samson cried out to the Lord with a repentant heart and asked God to strengthen him one more time so that his enemies would be destroyed. God answered his prayer and Samson put his hands between the pillars and pushed with all of his might and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. He died along with them. Judges 16: 23-31

We must never take God’s anointing for granted.  

“Oh God help us to never take Your Anointing for granted!”

The Lord spoke this to my heart.

“Do not be as Samson. He took God’s anointing for granted. He entered into sin and presumed that God would still bless Him. Presumption is a dangerous thing. You must come to me often throughout the day to replenish the anointing of the Holy Spirit and then you must guard it. Receive from Me moment by moment. Abide in me and your cup with remain full. It is not about getting filled and then going our own way, trusting God to bless you and your works. It is about My presence flowing though you as you join Me in My work.”

Many of you are experiencing the touch of God upon your lives and your ministries. Some of you are not and are wondering why you are no longer being used of God. We can not live in yesterdays anointing. Every day we must go before God for fresh power from the Holy Spirit. Do not take God’s touch upon your life for granted. If you do not spend time with God you will be operating in our own flesh. Keep your heart pure and surrendered to God. Obey Him at all costs!

“God forgive us for our presumption. Draw us to Yourself in a new way.”

In  Jesus Name, Amen.

~ Debra