Garden of the Heart Ministry was birthed in the process of prayer and journaling in 1988 when Debra Bosacki received the following word from the Lord.

Longing to see my family reflect Christ, I poured out my heart to the Lord.

“Lord, teach me how to raise my children until they are changed into Your likeness.” This was a cry from deep within.

The answer I received to my cries was one that changed our lives forever. Hopefully, it has the same life-affirming impact on you as well. It seemed I could hear God’s clear instruction and those words reverberate in my spirit, line on line, precept on precept. Here is what He spoke to me that day:

  • “As in all spiritual things, the battle is won on your knees. Saturate each child in prayer.”
  • “I have given you a Garden—their Hearts. Pull out the weeds—the fleshly thinking, the world and sin—for they will surely kill the plants.”
  • “I have given you all you need: My Word and My Spirit. On that last day there will be no excuse, for I have given you all through My Son, Jesus Christ.”
  • “Fill their hearts with My Word – the seeds of life. Plant it and surely a great harvest shall sprout.  Through My Spirit I have provided you with all you need. Plant My word.”
  • “Pray without ceasing.”
  • “This prayer brings the water needed for growth. For My Spirit shall be poured upon them and fill them, bringing them to life.”
  • “Protect your garden from insects—the devil, your enemy. If you do not, he will surely eat away the roots so they will shrivel and die.”
  • “Plant in their hearts and you will reap a great harvest. Plant! Water through much prayer and the rain of the Holy Spirit shall fall, and surely much fruit shall be produced.”
  • “Do not allow My garden to lay dormant, for surely the weeds shall strangle the life out of each plant.”
  • “Plant so they are exposed to much sun—My SON, Jesus— His Light will stimulate growth.  They must learn to face the Light, for all they need is found in the light. The Son knows how much shade to provide. Do not plant them in darkness, for here, too, they will shrivel and die. Be vigilant in caring for this garden, and you will harvest fruit for eternal life.”
  • “Pray. Follow the Holy Spirit, for He knows the times for planting, and pulling, watering and sunning. He shall teach you to be the gardener that I have called you to be.”

Knowing that this was from God, Debra continued to seek God and began writing a prayer journal aimed towards Gardening the Hearts of man. After several other confirmations, in 1998 she shared her vision of ministry with Kathy Boncher. Sensing that this was from God, Kathy agreed to join Debra as Co-founder of Garden of the Heart Ministries. While Kathy has since retired from active participation in GOH, the ministry commitment and tradition continues through Debra’s deep passion for ministry. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Debra continues to grow and add workshops, speakers and other discipleship tools.