Mud On My Knees

Mud On My Knees

Join noted speaker, author, life coach, prayer warrior and spiritual journaler, Debra Bosacki in cultivating the hearts of your wayward prodigals through prayer.

No Green Thumbs Needed!

Whether you till earthy soil or not, you can learn how to be a gardener in God’s garden – the heart.

For they are transplanted into the Lord’s own garden and are under His personal care. Psalm 92:13 (TLB)

Workshop Description

This workshop concentrates on the different aspects of prayer using the scriptural analogy of the heart of man as a garden, and the Word of God as the seed to be sown into the heart. The scriptures portray God as the Master Gardener planting, watering and nurturing His people; and reveal how He calls us to be co-laborers in His garden—the heart. Using God’s Word and personal stories, Debra teaches the importance of aiming your prayers for the heart, instead of only at the circumstances. Some of the topics covered are: God—The Master Gardener, Jesus in the Garden, Co-Laborers With Christ, Aim for the Heart, Cultivating the Soil, Planting the Seed, Loosening Strongholds and Rain of the Holy Spirit.

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Mud On My Knees Workshop

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