How To Journal

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Many people never journal because each time they try, they struggle not knowing where to begin.

Tips to Help You Get Started

Find a quiet spot.

Do not think too hard about what you  are going to write.

Try not to edit your work.

There is no right or wrong way to  journal. It is okay to make mistakes in spelling and in punctuation. This is the one place in your life where you can make a mess of things.

Allow God to minister to your heart. Do not be concerned if you do not hear Him speaking anything to your heart. In time this will come.

Use journaling as a tool to bring you closer to God and to record what He is doing in your life.

Begin by addressing your entry to God.


Heavenly Father, I love You, please help me. I am so angry because…

Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me. I surrender my life to You. Today I sensed You speaking this to my heart…

Jesus, forgive me for….

God, I am not sure which direction to go. Please help me to know…

Suggestions of Things You Can Write About

  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Struggles you are having
  • Your children
  • Questions about life
  • What is God’s will for your life
  • Write out your prayers
  • Your pain
  • Your anger
  • Your fears
  • Write out scriptures and how God is speaking to you through them
  • Write what you think God is speaking to your heart
  • Quotes from a book
  • What someone says that ministered to you
  • Write out your praise and thankfulness to God
  • Write our your goals
  • Commitments
  • Things you want to teach about
  • Your dream and visions
  • Your confessions

Your journal can be a place of safety, of healing, of emotional and spiritual growth and a place of gaining insight about your life. Try to write something each day until you are comfortable journaling. The more you write, the easier it will become.

As you journal, watch to see if God is trying to speak to you. If you observe a pattern in your journaling, God may be trying to get your attention. When you begin to see God’s footprints in your life, you will look forward to journaling.