Filling Your First Page

journaling header copy

I don’t know about you, but when I get a new journal all kinds of thoughts fill my mind. I am determined to write neat and to keep my journal pretty just like my daughter does. And I tell myself I am going to write often.

But in reality, even though I might start out with those goals my journal sometimes becomes as messy as life gets. I start out neat and within a month or two I find myself quickly scribbling down my thoughts and prayers or notes that I can journal about later. Sometimes I write daily, sometimes weekly and sometime several times a day. There are no rules. It’s OK if you want to keep it neat and it’s OK if it becomes a beautiful mess. That’s right — I said a BEAUTIFUL mess.

Sometimes my first page has me stuck … what to write — what to write — what to write? Perhaps you can relate. If so, I have listed some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Use the first page of your journal to reflect on the high points of your last journal and thank God for what He has done.
  2. Or write out a prayer of thanks to God for what He has done even though you have never kept a journal before.
  3. Write out your goals for the next 3 months. What do you sense God doing in your life? What do you want to accomplish?
  4. Use the first page of your journal to write a verse of scripture and then write a prayer to God applying it to your life.
  5. Some people like to choose a theme for their journal. Some examples are: Prayer journal, Gratitude Journal, Praise Journal, Heart Journal, Healing Journal etc.
  6. You might place a picture of yourself on the first page, or a picture of your family members. Or tape a picture that reminds you of God’s purpose for your life.
  7. If you are poetic, write a poem or record a poem that you love from another author.
  8. Record what God has been speaking to your heart. Now write your response.
  9. Draw a picture of how you are feeling.
  10. If you sense that God has a theme going in your life, record a few scriptures that apply and journal God’s movements in your life.
  11. If you are really STUCK – write a prayer to God – telling Him how you are feeling. If you sense His response, record it in your journal.

Your journal is just that (YOUR journal). It is a place where you don’t have to fear hurting another’s feelings and it is a safe place where you will not be judged by your feelings. You can just be YOU. Embrace who you are and enjoy who God created you to be. God will help you sort through any negative emotions and give you His perspective. Now that you filled up the first page; continue by pouring out your heart in writing, before the face of the Lord. Don’t let anything hold you back.