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I have been journaling for over 36 years and have taught numerous Journaling Workshops. Journaling is one of the greatest tools God uses in my life to fine-tune hearing His voice. If you desire to know Him, I invite you to step with me into the movements of God through Journal Writing! Let go of the idea of arriving at a special level of Christianity. Knowing God is not about arriving or attaining but rather about obtaining His life moment by moment.

Grab your Bible — Journal and favorite Pen and let’s get started!

Start by pouring out your heart before Him, as King David did. …trust him all the time. Pour out your longings before him, for he can help! Ps 62:8-9 TLB … unto you O Lord do I bring my life. Psalm 25:1 Bring the pages of your life before God and allow Him to fill in the blanks. XOXO Blessings, Debra