Speaker Robyn Davis

Robyn3Robyn Davis is a powerful woman of God who inspires her audience through the Word of God, intermingled with personal testimonies and humor. Robyn is a woman of integrity and lives what she preaches. As an intercessor, Robyn will take your group to the next level in their prayer life.

As President of the Freedom House, her compassion for the homeless comes in part from personal experience. For a while as a youngster, her family was homeless in New York. Fortunately they had relatives able to take them in, but she realizes how scary it is to be homeless without anyone to help or knowledge of available resources. She has served in ministry in numerous capacities and holds a Joint Certificate in Biblical Counseling from the Biblical Counseling Institute in Mobile, Alabama and the Smith Center for Leadership Development, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Robyn serves in various ministries at Living Hope Church, Green Bay, WI. She has both a Juris Doctor degree from George Washington University Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in English/Sociology from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. In her career legal work Robyn has served as an attorney and an associate housing court judge.


What Others Are Saying …

Robyn did an excellent job; she put the scripture into context.

Honest, authentic.

Great balance.

Clearly willing to allow God to speak through her.

Wonderful, open, genuine.

Robyn-funny; really enjoyed your perspective and style of teaching. “Dude. so funny; good leader and knowledge of the Word.

Very precise and to the point-anointed, encouraging and inspiring.

Messages were delivered with love, conviction.

Awesome-exhibited a Lioness in God.

Presentations were well done.

Wonderful-Robyn was captivating.

Loved her openness and “realness”.

Robyn was very motivating and polished.

Inspired by God.

Robyn-thank you for your preaching and teaching of the Word.

Robyn’s well balanced teaching was great medicine.

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