Do you want God to enlarge your heart to fit His possibilities?

The Promises from God’s Word are filled with possibilities. It’s time to RELEASE THE SEED of God’s Word!

Some of the topics presented in the workshop are:

  • How to make room in your heart to fit God’s possibilities
  • How to Hear God’s Voice
  • How to Co-labor with God
  • The POWER of the SEED (God’s WORD)
  • How to Release the SEED
  • How to Grow the SEED
  • Hinderances that strangle the PROMISE from growing
  • How ministering angels bring in the harvest
  • and the enormity of God’s possibilities if you only believe.

Nothing is impossible with God!

Using the analogy of the garden, Debra shares powerful testimonies of God’s miracle working power, intermingled with the Word of God, that will teach you and stir you to release the SEED of God’s Word into your live, bringing in a bountiful harvest.

XOXO Debra